Energy Diet

energy diet 2During the next few weeks, Mrs. Hain’s class will be participating in the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge ( Together we are working to be more energy aware and reduce the size of our carbon footprint.

As part of the Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, we are asking people in and outside our class to support our efforts and commitment to being more energy aware by signing our classroom pledge form at:

By following the link provided and completing the pledge form, you are agreeing to reduce your carbon footprint and to support us in reducing ours. The more community members we can recruit in our effort, the closer we get to completing this challenge. We only need 150 signatures, so please help us spread the word!


1) Go to the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page (you will see blue pledge box) –Click

2) Fill out your information (your email address will not be shared).


3) IMPORTANT: you need to go to your email account and confirm pledge (there will be a message from the Energy Diet).

 Thank you for your support,


Mrs. Hain & The Brackendale Energy Savers


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