BRE Friday Communicator

encyclopedia booksWe have a few extra complete sets of encyclopedias at the school that we would like to donate to any family who would like them. If you are interested please contact Mrs. White at the office.

 Monday, June 20th

  • Fun swim – Mrs. Borsoff (Mr. Hackett), Mrs. Fanzega, Ms. Jorgensen


Tuesday, June 21st

  • Choir
  • Aboriginal Day celebrations
  • Cultus Lake – Ms. Kelly, Mr. Granthamwater slide


Wednesday, June 22nd

  • Fun swim – Ms. Sims, Mr. Georgy-Embree, Mrs. Hain
  • Picnic fieldtrip– Mrs. Fieldhouse


Thursday, June 23rd

  • Cultus Lake – Mrs. Fanzega

Friday, June 24thlets do lunch

  • Cultus Lake – Mr. Georgy-Embree, Mrs. Hain, Ms. Sims
  • Grade 6 Luncheon
  • Picnic fieldtrip – Mrs. Bowley



Marek Jurkiewicz wins the June draw for the $50 gift card Nesters 2for Nesters Market!!

Thanks to all the people who having been buying Nesters gift cards at BRE.

Nesters gives our school 10% of each card sold! THANK YOU NESTERS!!

Happy shopping Marek !

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