October 26, 2016


Dear Parents/Caregivers:


RE:                                        DOGS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS                                                

Thank you for your input. Based on the information I have collected we will use these guidelines as a trial.  We also recommend parents/caregivers talk to your child/children about dog safety.

  •  Poop Free Zone;
  • No dogs on school grounds before or after school (unless pre-arranged by teacher);
  • Dogs must be on leashes (District of Squamish Bylaw No.2124, 2009, Section 22)
    • Section 22: Control of Dogs
      • “No owner of a dog shall permit the dog to be running at large in the District unless the dog is kept on a leash, tether or other suitable device, and is under the immediate care and control of a competent person”; Animal Control Dog Information : dog-responsibilities
    • Owners must be with dog at all times:
    • Designated dog/kid pick-up zone – sidewalk near basketball court.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Yours truly,


Ms. Uren




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