BRE Friday Communicator

September 2017

We are currently movingplanning for our September 2017. If you know that your children will not be returning to Brackendale Elementary, please let us know as soon as possible.


Monday, February 27th

  • First Nations Programchoir-happiness

Tuesday, February 28th

  • Choir Practice
  • First Nations Program

Wednesday, March 1st

  • Curling – Mr. Grantham
  • First Nations Program

Thursday, March 2nd

  • First Nations Program
  • Tyler Kinnear – Earth Project Workshops with Ms. Wongearth-day-2

Friday, March 3rd

  • Intramurals – Intermediate students
  • First Nations Program
  • Movie Night
  • Tyler Kinnear – Earth Project Workshops with Ms. Wong


Making plans Spring_Breakfor Spring Break


This year spring break is from Monday, March 20th to Friday, March 31st 

School reopens on Monday, April 3rd


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