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I hope everyone had a great summer and is getting excited to get back to school! With September just around the corner, it is a great time to get your students excited about making their way to school by foot or by bike. HASTe has created a comprehensive Best Route Map for your school to help families find the best walking and biking routes in their neighbourhood. The Best Route Map was developed based on information we received from your school community and the District of Squamish’s transportation department. I have attached a PDF copy of the map, and this link: https://squamish.ca/our-services/transportation/safe-routes/ to the maps that can be distributed in your school’s back-to-school newsletter, and on any social media sources. Feel free to use this blurb as well:

It is a great time to plan your trip to back school with active travel. That means: lace up your shoes, pump up your tires, and find some friends to walk and bike to school with!

HASTe has created a Best Route Map based on information from your school community and the District of Squamish’s transportation department. This map is designed specifically for your school, illustrating the best routes to walk and cycle together. A great way to familiarize your kids with the routes is to explore them together before school even starts; that way, you can discover your best options for travelling to school, and get excited about being active!”

BRACKENDALE PAMPHLET: Best routes map Brackendale Pamphlet-final

All the best,


Gabrielle Barnes

School Travel Planning Facilitator

HASTe (Hub for Active School Travel) Worker’s Cooperative
514-119 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S5

p. 778-679-4275 


Connecting kids, schools, and communities through walking and cycling


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