BRE Friday Communicator

 Oh Brackendale!

It’s time to celebrate

Oh Canada’s 150th year!

Our next Spirit Day is  Wednesday.  Bring a dollar and you can dress up in Image result for ooh canada 150red and white and wear anything to do with Canada like those red and white Olympic mittens, Canadian sport jerseys and t shirts, Canadian hats and toques…yes! You will be allowed to wear your hats in class on this special day! Let’s support our Canadian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics starting soon

Monday, January 22nd

Tuesday, January 23rd

Wednesday, January 24th

  •  Spirit Day – Celebrate “Oh Canada’s 150th” year (see above)
  • Mr. Grantham class – Curling Fieldtrip

Thursday, January 25th

  • 2017-18 Kindergarten Immunization Clinic – 3-5 pm (Room 15)

Friday, January 26thpizzaman

  • Hot Lunch Day
  • Fire drill



Hot Lunch Coordinator needed for the 2018/2019 School Year.

Looking for a fun and rewarding volunteer position? You can learn the ropes this year and take the lead next year. Our awesome hot lunch coordinator, Stephanie, will be moving on to Don Ross so this position needs to be filled. She is happy to teach you everything you need to know. Contact Stephanie @ if you are interested in this position.




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