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Kids-Only Gift Shop

Donations/Volunteers Needed

On Wednesday December 19th the 7th Annual Kids- Only Gift Shop will be open for business. This is a super fun event that allows the students to shop for thVolunteers neededeir family members and loved ones. The gifts will range in price from $.25- $3 and will be wrapped and sent home with the students. They love picking out the ‘perfect’ gift and experiencing the joy of giving.

As we gear up for the festive season, this is a great time to donate some of your gently used items that you no longer need to the Kids-Only Gift Shop. We are looking for all sorts of cool/unique items for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandmas, grandpas etc. Books, movies, stuffed animals, toys, jewelry, mugs, frames, home décor….the options are endless.

Donations can be dropped off from now until Monday December 17th in the school foyer. Donations of wrapping paper, ribbon and gift boxes are also needed.

In order for this event to be a success we need many volunteers to help in the shop and wrap presents. If you have a few hours to spare and want to be involved in this magical Kids-Only Gift Shop please email Janet Boa (

Thank you for your support of this great event!

Janet Boa, PAC Volunteer

Monday, December 17th

  • Viewing and voting of Gingerbread houseschoir singing
  • Sing-a-long in the Gym


Tuesday, December 18th

  • Viewing and voting of Gingerbread houses
  • Sing-a-long in the Gym


Wednesday, December 19th

  • Viewing and voting of Gingerbread houses
  • Sing-a-long in the Gymgingerbread house


Thursday, December 20th

  • Viewing and voting of Gingerbread houses
  • Sing-a-long in the Gym


Friday, December 14th

  • Gingerbread houses winner announced
  • Sing-a-long in the Gym
  • Last day of school before Winter break – School reopens Monday, January 7th



Is from winter252520break

Monday, December 24th


Friday, January 4th

School reopens on Monday, January 7th



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