BRE Friday Communicator – April 3, 2020

Dear Brackendale Families,

I know that these unprecedented times have brought big changes to your family life.  We are all doing our part to keep ourselves, our families, our grandparents, our friends, our nurses, our doctors and everyone working in essential services roles, safe and healthy. 

Washing hands frequently and physical distancing, which means staying at least two metres apart and staying home at much as possible, continue to be the best ways for us to help each other. 

This past week, our teachers reached out to families and children by email and phone and they sent students their first learning at home lessons.  We know that learning at home will look differently for all families and we are here to help.

In closing, I wish to send a special thank you to our BRE students:

Thank you for helping your parents work from home, for sacrificing your usual play, for cancelling play dates, for staying away from closed playgrounds and parks, for doing your school learning at home and for persevering with new ways of learning online and communicating with your teachers. And especially for doing your part by washing your hands a lot and practising physically distancing.

I think of you every day and appreciate all that you are doing.


Ms. Saenger, Principal

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