BRE Friday Communicator – May 1, 2020

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Let’s Create Trifle – A Family Tradition!

Ms. Mowbray’s class is working on a Family Moving Stories project for Social Studies. The students interview family members to discover the story of their family name, their traditions, and how they came to settle in Squamish. Miller put his creative talents to work and made a video to share his family recipe for “Merry Cherry dessert”, or trifle, which he says is a traditional dessert from England – the Oliver side of his family.  You can watch Miller making the dessert here.

Let’s Learn About Being Safe in the Outdoors!

Student Video Projects

Mateo in Mrs. Stroh’s class has been exploring outdoor survival techniques and using his creative skills to make video – here are some pictures from his innovative exploration

Mateo’s Kid’s Guide on Surviving in the Wild reminds us to:

  1. Take a backpack with water, food, and extra clothes
  2. Learn how to build a shelter
  3. Be safe around fires: use small sticks to keep fires under control, keep water nearby and put it out completely

Let’s Send a Soundwave of Solidarity!

Soundwave of Solidarity

Every night in the month of April people from around the province have gathered on porches ringing bells and banging pots to show support and gratitude for our front line workers.  Let’s join the ceremony with instruments of our own design.  Can you engineer an instrument that can make at least 3 sounds and hold a rhythm?

  1. What are some different instruments you are familiar with?  Consider one’s that use air, shaking and drumming.
  2. Take an inventory of what materials you have in and around your house, what may be useful?  Sticks, jars, rocks, straws, cardboard, elastic bands and glue, what do you see?
  3. Fold a piece of paper in half and on the one side draw your design and the other write instructions step by step.
  4. Go ahead and make it!
  5. Reflect on your design: does it make 3 sounds, can you keep a rhythm, does it stay intact?
  6. To learn more about the science of sound visit Science World online at:

Library News –Chocolate Lily Book Awards online this year!

The BRE Library is hosting the Chocolate Lily Book Awards online this year! This is a chance for students to vote on their favourite picture book that showcases local BC authors and illustrators.  The final results will be announced later in June, so you have until June 1st to read the books and vote! 

Happy reading!  Check back next week for links to the remaining three nominated books for this year’s selection! 

Listen Here                                               Listen Here                           Listen Here                      Cast You Vote Here                         Cast Your Vote Here                    Cast Your Vote Here


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