BRE Friday Communicator – May 8

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plant sale photo collage

Our PAC Plant Sale Fundraiser was a great success! Thanks to everyone who purchased and helped.

Painted rocks are ‘Springing Up’ everywhere!

By Ms. Graham

A rock we found

A rock we found

A few weeks ago we were having a family dog walk along the Ross Road Trails.  This is the same trail system we use as a school, when we are on our Terry Fox Run. While we were walking, we noticed that someone had left painted rocks on logs and in tree trunks lining the pathway!

We had a great time trying to spot all the rocks (we counted 28), and thought we would paint and leave some of our own, as a sort of “Hello” and “Thank you”.

The rock we left

On your next family walk, see what interesting rocks you can collect for painting.  If you’d like to leave them outside, be sure to use a waterproof paint such as acrylic. You could also try permanent markers or even nail polish – click here for Finger Paint Recipes. We hope we’ll see some of your rocks on our next walk!

our rocks

Our rocks

Challenge Project from Ms. Jorgensen – ​Mother’s Day is this Sunday!!

  • Go outside and find a really nice rock to paint for your mom.  mum rock
  • Paint the rock for her and decorate with marker if you wish or are able to.  How about the words:  “Mom, you rock!”
  • Don’t forget to put your name and date on the bottom so you remember when you gave it to her.
  • Do you think the rock you collected is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic? Find out by reading Rocks and Minerals by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld on Epic. 

Upcycling for Earth Day

Korie from Mr. Fieldhouse’s class made herself a cute tote bag out of an old t-shirt – here’s a quick video on how you can do this



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