BRE Friday Communicator – May 15

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Think Critically – What Am I?

Ms. Watson’s class has been using adjectives to describe objects around them and sharing their descriptions with their classmates in a game of ‘What Am I?’ during their online conferences. Here is their self-assessment criteria:

  • I can identify and name an adjective
  • I can use adjectives in my writing to describe and object
  • I can use adjectives in my writing to make it more interesting

Can you guess these objects from their descriptions?

  • Leia asks – I am soft and furry with light and dark brown colours with a bit of white.  I am sometimes noisy but also quiet. I can be really fast and can get scared easily. I like to hide under the covers so nobody can see me. I love eating food too. What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Avery asks – I am squishy, smooth and soft.  I am shaped like an animal.  I am a about the size of a pebble.  My colour can be green, white, orange, red or yellow.  I taste sweet and delicious and I have claws.  What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Tessa asks – We are fragile. There are 4 of us. We also have long, stringy legs. One of me has a big nose. Another has a beautiful mane. One has a VERY long neck. The other one has black and white stripes. We are all wild but not real. What are we ?​ Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Clara asks – I am alive and very fluffy and cute. I am yellow, brown and black and I like to talk. I like to be kept warm while I am still young. I like to peck at things and climb onto Clara’s arm. What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Sasha asks – I am black with two holes.  I am smooth and hard.  I play music and I am very old.  What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Jenna presented her What Am I as a picture here.  Her answer is revealed here.

make create innovate header

Don’t Worry, Beach Happy! by Ms. Cornish

Inspired by Elise Parsley’s, “If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T!” Jenna and Lauryn headed to the beach empty handed to see what inspiration they could find.  Their challenge: design a  toy that can keep bow and arrowthem entertained for the afternoon with nothing but nature!  Pebbles, bendy sticks and gnarly roots quickly put their creative skills to work and they designed bows and arrows.  So that’s your challenge, head outdoors and create bows and arrows, or see what you find, “ might get…a boat, or a Frisbee, or a shovel” after all.

Click here for a read aloud with Ms Cornish of Elise Parsley’s, “If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T!”

And don’t forget to name, write a marketing slogan and price your toy before trying to pitch your prototype to your family!

Let’s Make a Sprouted Head – from Ms. Graham

To make a sprouted egg head you will need half an egg shell; rinsed and clean.  Draw a face on one side of the egg shell using permanent marker. Make an egg cup holder by decorating a toilet paper roll.  Fill your egg shell with dirt, and sprinkle with seeds.  Be sure to keep the seeds moist- not too wet, not too dry.  The heads will take a few days to sprout so keep watching.  The seeds will grow a little bit each day.Egg Heads!

Seed suggestions: kale seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax, chia, sesame.

Edible sprouts are a nutrient rich food.  If you do try sprouting one of the above, you can eat the sprouts once they have their second set of leaves!

There are lots of fun plants to start from pits. Here are a few photos of plants we have started from seed.

  • Date Palm: wash your date pit.  All seeds are stronger if sprouted in soil.  It takes patience, but it’s worth the wait.  Place a mix of one part wet dirt and one part sand in a pot.  Dates like warm weather, so top your pot with a plastic bag (or put the whole pot in a zip lock bag), and place in a warm spot to sprout (try atop your hot water heater, or a sunny window sill).date palm & pineapple
  • Mango Tree:  this takes a set of strong scissors or wire cutters.  You will need an adult to help you remove the outer casing of the pit with the scissors or cutters.  Be careful not to damage the corm inside!  Gently remove the corm (sometimes they’ve already begun to sprout).  Place the corm in a pot just covering the corm with soil.  Keep moist on a sunny window sill.
  • Pineapple Tree:  twist the leaves off the top of your pineapple before cutting the fruit for eating.  Remove all but the inside 8 or so leaves.  Place the root in a pot filled with soil.  Pineapples like it dry in the early stages of sprouting, so keep the plant just moist.

Perhaps in a few years (anywhere between 2 and 15) you will be rewarded with a tasty treat!


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