BRE Friday Communicator – May 22

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It was wonderful to see so many of our students and families out in the sunshine for our Brackendale staff parade on Thursday!  We miss you all so very much and are looking forward to seeing some of you in June.


Student Achievement Show continues online!

Our grade 5/6 classes have been working on personal goals for their Achievement Show – students in Ms. Mowbray’s class sent some samples for you to enjoy:

Cash was practicing his standing backflip

Aria sewed herself a pillow.

make create innovate header

Let’s Play Tic Tac Toe 3 in Row with Lego –  by Ms. Cornish

First create a unique game board.  Click here for an example game board.  Include creative categories like:

  • Make something that floats
  • Make a castle with an actual drawbridge
  • Make a 3 dimensional
    flower, can it stand?

Choose any row, diagonal, vertical or horizontal, to complete. Don’t have lego? Choose a single box and make your creation out of recyclables and materials found around the house.  Most importantly, stay busy and have fun!

Let’s Make a  Marble Track – by Ms. Graham 

You will need:

slits & tabs

Slits and tabs to fit tubes together

  • An assortment of used toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  You could also incorporate cereal boxes. Get creative!
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • a marble or ball to roll (could be a balled up piece of paper too)
domed arches detail

Towers with domed windows

Tape your tubes into towers of varying heights.  If you don’t have tape you can gently fold a tube in half, cutting a slot crosswise. On the next tube cut a tab. Slot your tubes together!  Tubes can be cut in half to make the ‘run’ part of the maze.  In some of the towers cut slots with ‘domed windows’ for your marble to run through or out of.

our finished runs

Inky’s first finished maze

We have seen some very creative marble mazes on-line.  Ones that even included popsicle stick structures…the possibilities are endless!


District of Squamish “Mayor For a Day” Contest goes onlinesee here for details.  The contest is open to students in Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Family Smart In The Know session – the topic for Monday, June 1st from 2 – 3pm is Teens and School. See the poster for more information. Register via eventbrite.

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