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Welcome to the BRE library website!  My name is Ms. Mah and I am the school’s teacher librarian!


Our mission at the library is:

1.  To instill a lifelong love of reading in the students


Courtesy of Dr. Seuss

2.  To create opportunities for students to collaborate, communicate, and critically think by developing information literacy skills through research, inquiry and  project-based learning

3. To encourage students to become responsible, critical, and independent users of information in the 21st century.

The 2019/20 Reading Link Challenge for intermediate students (grades 4-6) begins very soon and there are 6 new titles awaiting our BRE club members.  They will be announced on November 1st!  Students who join the club are encouraged to read all of these books sometime during the year.  In the spring they will take part in a challenge of sorts by answering questions about the novels.  One team of six students from our school will present BRE in the district challenge at Howe Sound Secondary School.  We have 31 students who have already signed up!

Below are the six books from last year’s challenge.


Images courtesy of Reading Link Challenge website

The Red Cedar Club has also started up with 17 students from grades 4-6 signed up.  The 22 B.C.’S Young Readers’ Choice Awards books selected are both fiction and nonfiction.  Votes from students in the club throughout the province will be cast in the spring of 2020 for their favourite books.  Chocolate Lily book award nominees for primary students (k-3) are also ready as a class read.  Classes that participate throughout the province will choose their favourite book in the spring as well.

Our library also has a challenge for all BRE students using the 100 Best Books for BC students in elementary schools as a guide.  Students can sign up to see how many books they can read off this book list chosen by BC teachers.  Sign up sheets are available at the counter

There will be some fun prizes to be given away to all participants!

Click on the link and see how many books you have read or would like to read with your child from this recommended list:   100 Best Books for BC students

100 Best Books

Are you up for the TAKE 20 CHALLENGE?

Take 20 minutes to make learning together part of your everyday. Engaging in literacy activities as a family improves a child’s skills and also helps adults keep their skills sharp.