BRE Friday Communicator – May 22

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It was wonderful to see so many of our students and families out in the sunshine for our Brackendale staff parade on Thursday!  We miss you all so very much and are looking forward to seeing some of you in June.


Student Achievement Show continues online!

Our grade 5/6 classes have been working on personal goals for their Achievement Show – students in Ms. Mowbray’s class sent some samples for you to enjoy:

Cash was practicing his standing backflip

Aria sewed herself a pillow.

make create innovate header

Let’s Play Tic Tac Toe 3 in Row with Lego –  by Ms. Cornish

First create a unique game board.  Click here for an example game board.  Include creative categories like:

  • Make something that floats
  • Make a castle with an actual drawbridge
  • Make a 3 dimensional
    flower, can it stand?

Choose any row, diagonal, vertical or horizontal, to complete. Don’t have lego? Choose a single box and make your creation out of recyclables and materials found around the house.  Most importantly, stay busy and have fun!

Let’s Make a  Marble Track – by Ms. Graham 

You will need:

slits & tabs

Slits and tabs to fit tubes together

  • An assortment of used toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  You could also incorporate cereal boxes. Get creative!
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • a marble or ball to roll (could be a balled up piece of paper too)
domed arches detail

Towers with domed windows

Tape your tubes into towers of varying heights.  If you don’t have tape you can gently fold a tube in half, cutting a slot crosswise. On the next tube cut a tab. Slot your tubes together!  Tubes can be cut in half to make the ‘run’ part of the maze.  In some of the towers cut slots with ‘domed windows’ for your marble to run through or out of.

our finished runs

Inky’s first finished maze

We have seen some very creative marble mazes on-line.  Ones that even included popsicle stick structures…the possibilities are endless!


District of Squamish “Mayor For a Day” Contest goes onlinesee here for details.  The contest is open to students in Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Family Smart In The Know session – the topic for Monday, June 1st from 2 – 3pm is Teens and School. See the poster for more information. Register via eventbrite.

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BRE Friday Communicator – May 15

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School District #48 has gathered a selection of informative resources for parents in one convenient location on their website – click here to access them.

Your Story, Our Future – Click Here COVID-19 BCCDC Survey 

Think Critically – What Am I?

Ms. Watson’s class has been using adjectives to describe objects around them and sharing their descriptions with their classmates in a game of ‘What Am I?’ during their online conferences. Here is their self-assessment criteria:

  • I can identify and name an adjective
  • I can use adjectives in my writing to describe and object
  • I can use adjectives in my writing to make it more interesting

Can you guess these objects from their descriptions?

  • Leia asks – I am soft and furry with light and dark brown colours with a bit of white.  I am sometimes noisy but also quiet. I can be really fast and can get scared easily. I like to hide under the covers so nobody can see me. I love eating food too. What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Avery asks – I am squishy, smooth and soft.  I am shaped like an animal.  I am a about the size of a pebble.  My colour can be green, white, orange, red or yellow.  I taste sweet and delicious and I have claws.  What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Tessa asks – We are fragile. There are 4 of us. We also have long, stringy legs. One of me has a big nose. Another has a beautiful mane. One has a VERY long neck. The other one has black and white stripes. We are all wild but not real. What are we ?​ Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Clara asks – I am alive and very fluffy and cute. I am yellow, brown and black and I like to talk. I like to be kept warm while I am still young. I like to peck at things and climb onto Clara’s arm. What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Sasha asks – I am black with two holes.  I am smooth and hard.  I play music and I am very old.  What am I? Click here to reveal the answer.
  • Jenna presented her What Am I as a picture here.  Her answer is revealed here.

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Don’t Worry, Beach Happy! by Ms. Cornish

Inspired by Elise Parsley’s, “If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T!” Jenna and Lauryn headed to the beach empty handed to see what inspiration they could find.  Their challenge: design a  toy that can keep bow and arrowthem entertained for the afternoon with nothing but nature!  Pebbles, bendy sticks and gnarly roots quickly put their creative skills to work and they designed bows and arrows.  So that’s your challenge, head outdoors and create bows and arrows, or see what you find, “ might get…a boat, or a Frisbee, or a shovel” after all.

Click here for a read aloud with Ms Cornish of Elise Parsley’s, “If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T!”

And don’t forget to name, write a marketing slogan and price your toy before trying to pitch your prototype to your family!

Let’s Make a Sprouted Head – from Ms. Graham

To make a sprouted egg head you will need half an egg shell; rinsed and clean.  Draw a face on one side of the egg shell using permanent marker. Make an egg cup holder by decorating a toilet paper roll.  Fill your egg shell with dirt, and sprinkle with seeds.  Be sure to keep the seeds moist- not too wet, not too dry.  The heads will take a few days to sprout so keep watching.  The seeds will grow a little bit each day.Egg Heads!

Seed suggestions: kale seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax, chia, sesame.

Edible sprouts are a nutrient rich food.  If you do try sprouting one of the above, you can eat the sprouts once they have their second set of leaves!

There are lots of fun plants to start from pits. Here are a few photos of plants we have started from seed.

  • Date Palm: wash your date pit.  All seeds are stronger if sprouted in soil.  It takes patience, but it’s worth the wait.  Place a mix of one part wet dirt and one part sand in a pot.  Dates like warm weather, so top your pot with a plastic bag (or put the whole pot in a zip lock bag), and place in a warm spot to sprout (try atop your hot water heater, or a sunny window sill).date palm & pineapple
  • Mango Tree:  this takes a set of strong scissors or wire cutters.  You will need an adult to help you remove the outer casing of the pit with the scissors or cutters.  Be careful not to damage the corm inside!  Gently remove the corm (sometimes they’ve already begun to sprout).  Place the corm in a pot just covering the corm with soil.  Keep moist on a sunny window sill.
  • Pineapple Tree:  twist the leaves off the top of your pineapple before cutting the fruit for eating.  Remove all but the inside 8 or so leaves.  Place the root in a pot filled with soil.  Pineapples like it dry in the early stages of sprouting, so keep the plant just moist.

Perhaps in a few years (anywhere between 2 and 15) you will be rewarded with a tasty treat!


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BRE Friday Communicator – May 8

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plant sale photo collage

Our PAC Plant Sale Fundraiser was a great success! Thanks to everyone who purchased and helped.

Painted rocks are ‘Springing Up’ everywhere!

By Ms. Graham

A rock we found

A rock we found

A few weeks ago we were having a family dog walk along the Ross Road Trails.  This is the same trail system we use as a school, when we are on our Terry Fox Run. While we were walking, we noticed that someone had left painted rocks on logs and in tree trunks lining the pathway!

We had a great time trying to spot all the rocks (we counted 28), and thought we would paint and leave some of our own, as a sort of “Hello” and “Thank you”.

The rock we left

On your next family walk, see what interesting rocks you can collect for painting.  If you’d like to leave them outside, be sure to use a waterproof paint such as acrylic. You could also try permanent markers or even nail polish – click here for Finger Paint Recipes. We hope we’ll see some of your rocks on our next walk!

our rocks

Our rocks

Challenge Project from Ms. Jorgensen – ​Mother’s Day is this Sunday!!

  • Go outside and find a really nice rock to paint for your mom.  mum rock
  • Paint the rock for her and decorate with marker if you wish or are able to.  How about the words:  “Mom, you rock!”
  • Don’t forget to put your name and date on the bottom so you remember when you gave it to her.
  • Do you think the rock you collected is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic? Find out by reading Rocks and Minerals by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld on Epic. 

Upcycling for Earth Day

Korie from Mr. Fieldhouse’s class made herself a cute tote bag out of an old t-shirt – here’s a quick video on how you can do this



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BRE Friday Communicator – May 1, 2020

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make create innovate header

Let’s Create Trifle – A Family Tradition!

Ms. Mowbray’s class is working on a Family Moving Stories project for Social Studies. The students interview family members to discover the story of their family name, their traditions, and how they came to settle in Squamish. Miller put his creative talents to work and made a video to share his family recipe for “Merry Cherry dessert”, or trifle, which he says is a traditional dessert from England – the Oliver side of his family.  You can watch Miller making the dessert here.

Let’s Learn About Being Safe in the Outdoors!

Student Video Projects

Mateo in Mrs. Stroh’s class has been exploring outdoor survival techniques and using his creative skills to make video – here are some pictures from his innovative exploration

Mateo’s Kid’s Guide on Surviving in the Wild reminds us to:

  1. Take a backpack with water, food, and extra clothes
  2. Learn how to build a shelter
  3. Be safe around fires: use small sticks to keep fires under control, keep water nearby and put it out completely

Let’s Send a Soundwave of Solidarity!

Soundwave of Solidarity

Every night in the month of April people from around the province have gathered on porches ringing bells and banging pots to show support and gratitude for our front line workers.  Let’s join the ceremony with instruments of our own design.  Can you engineer an instrument that can make at least 3 sounds and hold a rhythm?

  1. What are some different instruments you are familiar with?  Consider one’s that use air, shaking and drumming.
  2. Take an inventory of what materials you have in and around your house, what may be useful?  Sticks, jars, rocks, straws, cardboard, elastic bands and glue, what do you see?
  3. Fold a piece of paper in half and on the one side draw your design and the other write instructions step by step.
  4. Go ahead and make it!
  5. Reflect on your design: does it make 3 sounds, can you keep a rhythm, does it stay intact?
  6. To learn more about the science of sound visit Science World online at:

Library News –Chocolate Lily Book Awards online this year!

The BRE Library is hosting the Chocolate Lily Book Awards online this year! This is a chance for students to vote on their favourite picture book that showcases local BC authors and illustrators.  The final results will be announced later in June, so you have until June 1st to read the books and vote! 

Happy reading!  Check back next week for links to the remaining three nominated books for this year’s selection! 

Listen Here                                               Listen Here                           Listen Here                      Cast You Vote Here                         Cast Your Vote Here                    Cast Your Vote Here


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BRE Friday Communicator – April 24

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Brackendale PAC Plant Fundraiser – orders are due by 9:00am Monday, April 27th.  Plant pickup is Friday, May 8 between 2 and 4pm in the school parking lot and will be appropriately physically distanced for safety.  Place your orders online here.

BRE Students Reflect on Earth Day…

Click here for photo link

Student reflections: We are producing way too much garbage and recycling! …  We must reduce plastic use and microbeads… Reusable containers and bottles are a must… We should focus on biodegradable materials.

Click here for photo link

Student reflections:  My first reaction is Wow this is so architecturally beautiful! … The problem with using so many big machines, is so much extra pollution in the air… Using renewable energy power machines and electric cars would reduce air pollution… Earth day should be everyday… and turn off lights.

Click here for photo link

Wow it’s so mossy! … The trees are so beautiful… We can reduce paper use with more online learning! … Logging impacts the environment but it can be done sustainably…Habitat loss is another impact… Replanting trees helps… Stay on the path so you don’t ruin the plants on the forest floor.

Let’s Make Fossils!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Our Earth is so beautiful especially during the early Spring when buds start to flower and leaves grow back on trees.

Have you ever seen a fossil?  Fossils are preserved remains or traces of organisms, including leaves.  Fossils are rocks but the homemade leaf impressions on our clay look cool and will be a happy reminder of how we spent Earth Day this year.

Flour seems hard to come by these days, so we used baking soda and cornstarch to make our clay!

Clay recipe:

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • ½ cup of cornstarch
  • ¾ cup of cold water
  • Assorted leaves, petals etc. collected from outdoors
  • 1 drop of food colouring in 1 tablespoon of water
  1. Combine the ingredients in a small pot.  Mix until the cornstarch  dissolves.
  2. Place pot uncovered on medium heat and stir constantly.  Continue to stir until it becomes thick like mashed potatoes.  ( It did start to stick and dry out on the bottom for me so keep stirring the whole time to avoid a burned bottom)
  3. Let the dough cool for 10 minutes.
  4. Put a sheet of parchment paper on a table, place dough in the center of the paper and knead it with dry hands.
  5. When dough is smooth, roll it into little balls and flattened them.
  6. Press leaves and petals onto the small rounds of dough to make imprints.
  7. Paint with food colouring.
  8. Poked a hole at the top of the imprints so that once they dry, you can hang them up to decorate your home.

This time of year is so magical to observe.  Hope you enjoy capturing it as an imprint! Have fun!

Let’s Make a Fun Gadget!

Design this gadget for a family member or friend. What does it do, and why? Be sure to follow this criteria:

  • Give your gadget a creative name!
  • Colour and name each button.
  • Explain the function of each button
  • Create a model of your gadget using materials found around your home! (Cardboard, bottle caps, tape, beads, pipe cleaners, paper, etc.)
  • Take a picture or make a video and email  it to a family member or friend

The Party Drone Remote by Nash

The brown spotted button, once pushed, drops cookies.  The multi-coloured button makes random candies drop from the drone.  The green button with a blue balloon starts a party! The orange button brings down a disco ball.  The blue button drops snacks. The big yellow button turns on music.  And, there you have it, a Party Drone Remote!

The Handy Dandy Remote by Keegan

This device features a blue button for shrinking and a green button for growth.  The other buttons are for light sabers, wands and teleportation.  And, No Virus! This gadget packs plenty of excitement and protection.

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BRE Friday Communicator – April 17, 2020

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Mr. Zigar contributes to our community – Mr. Zigar is making ear savers using his class 3-D printer. These gadgets help prevent chafing and sores caused by the elastic on the protective face masks worn by our health care workers.  He has made 42 with the supplies we have in the school.  Mr. Zigar, Roy (our custodian) and Mrs. Hackett have given the ear savers to staff at Hilltop House, the long-term residential care home in Squamish, and to nurses at the Squamish General Hospital.  Thank you Mr. Zigar! Thank you to PAC for funding the 3-D printer!  If anyone has a spool of filament to donate for this community contribution project please email

Family Smart Video Presentation for Parents and Guardians –  “Erupting Angst: Understanding the Collision Between Anger & Aggression in the World of Anxiety” Anxiety in children can often show itself as anger, aggression, or sadness. By learning how these emotions are connected, we can better respond to the needs of our children. This video presentation, by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, Registered Psychologist, will elaborate on this theme and highlight what parents can do about it. Thursday April 23th, 6:30pm to 7:15pm  RSVP:

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

These windy clear skies are perfect for kite flying or so we thought! 

Supplied with construction paper, felts, glue and string Lauryn and Jenna were busy at work designing their own kites.  They began by brainstorming what they knew about flight; everything from paper airplanes to the wings of birds came to mind and then busily they set to create prototypes. When at first attempt,  kites dropped flightless, it gave them the opportunity to think critically about our design and revise! Finally, success!

Here are the step by step instructions for their kites. 

  1. Take a piece of construction paper and fold it lengthwise. 
  2. Gently bend (don’t fold) both sides down to the center fold and secure with glue, tape or staples. 
  3. Attach a string mid-way on the lengthwise fold, we used a strip of tape and hole punched through it to prevent tearing. 
  4. Lastly decorate, Lauryn suitably chose a bird! 

STEM Challenge provided by Ms. Cornish – Design your own kites and try these experiments: 

  • predict and test which of these materials make better kites: reusable plastics, newspaper, straws and sticks?
  • measure how high your kites can reach (i.e. what is the length of the string at full flight) and reflect on which design features (i.e. variables) seem to be most important: the materials used, the size of your kite, how fast you run, or the strength of the wind?
  • use a timer to measure how long you can keep your kite in the air and set a goal; for instance, can your kite stay suspended in one spot for 3 seconds?

For more design ideas visit:

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BRE Friday Communicator – April 9, 2020

BRE School bell joins the 7pm Cheer – To show our support and appreciation for essential service workers and front-line health-care workers, our school bell will ring every night at 7:00 p.m. beginning April 9, 2020.

Announcement for FamiliesThe B.C. government is providing a new Emergency Relief Support Fund and has added service flexibility for parents of children with special needs to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.  (Source: BC Gov News) –  Click Here 

BRE Newsletter – The latest Brackendale Newsletter has been posted to the website: Click Here   Please “follow” our website to receive the latest updates.

In this edition you will find:

  • Ms. Saenger’s Journal Writing Assignment





  • Classic Rock ‘n Roll – A Music class project


  • Learning At Home – Make, Create, Innovate: Plaster Cast Animal Tracks
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